The Profile of Apoptotic Marker sFas Ligand in seminal plasma of Oligozoospermic men


Background:The Fibroblast associated (Fas) system in the testes has been identified as a keyregulator of apoptosis, a process that greatly influences the germ cell population ofthe testes.Objective:This study measures the level of soluble Fas Ligand (sFasL) in the semen ofoligozoospermic men evaluating the association between seminal plasma sFasL andspermatogenesis.Methods:A total 58 oligozoospermic men and 29 normal volunteers were included in thisstudy. semen was evaluated according to World Health Organization 2010 standardparameters. sFasL was measured using ELISA enzyme immunoassay forquantitative determination of sFasL.Results:s FasL level was found significantly higher (P< 0.01) in seminal plasma ofoligozoospermic men,with weak correlation of the level of this marker with the degree of severity ofoligozoospermia.Conclusions:The apoptotic marker, sFasL is a novel marker found in the seminal plasma ofoligozoospermic men. It's level is higher in cases of oligozoospermia regardless ofits severity.Key words: