Preparation of Human Spermatozoa Using Glass Wool Filtration Technique Versus Centrifugation Swim-Up Technique for Asthenozoospermia


Background:Semen preparation techniques were developed to separate motile sperm that aremorphologically normal from seminal plasma to optimize successful assistedreproductive technology cycles which seem to be the most effective options in casesof a male factor infertility.Objective:The objective of the present study was to compare between outcomes of two spermpreparation techniques for asthenozoospermic patients includes:1-Centrifugationswim up technique.2-Glass wool filtration technique.Subjects, Materials and Methods:Fifty three infertile males were participated in this study during their attendance tothe Infertility Clinic at High Institute for Infertility Diagnosis and AssistedReproductive Technologies; Al- Nahrain University. Semen samples were collectedand SFA was done according to WHO (2010 and 1999). Each semen sample wasdivided into two aliquots. The first one prepared using centrifugation swim uptechnique, while the other one prepared using glass wool filtration technique thensperm parameters were assessed for both techniques and the results were statisticallyanalyzed.Results:After in vitro sperm activation using both techniques, there was significantreduction (P<0.05) in the sperm concentration, significant improvement (P<0.05) inthe percentages of sperm motility and morphologically normal sperm whencompared to pre-activation. Present study appeared that the glass wool filtrationtechnique resulted in significantly (P<0.05) better results for sperm concentrationand total number of progressive motile sperm than the swim-up technique.The present study proved that there was significant (P<0.05) improvement in spermparameters (increment for sperm motility (%), progressive sperm motility (%), totalnumber of progressive motile sperm and normal sperm morphology (%), whilereduction for round cell count and sperm agglutination percent) for all cases usingglass wool filtration techniques. In contrast, there was failure of sperm activation for10 cases using centrifugation swim up technique.Conclusions:From results of the present study, the sperm parameters outcomes using glass woolfiltration technique was superior to the outcomes of centrifugation swim uptechnique when prepare semen of asthenozoospermic patients.