Determination of Glimepiride, Amlodipine and Nitrofurantoin by Reversed phase - High Performance Liquid Chromatography (RP- HPLC Technique)


The drugs were studied in this research are Glimepiride( GLM) is insulin independent andglucose reduction level in blood of human body ,Amlodipine (AML)is lowering bloodpressure and Nitrofurantoin( NTF) is used to treat urinary tract infection. In spite of manyanalytical techniques were used to determine these drugs. Modified HPLC was used inpresent work ,this analytical technique is rapid, accurate, sensitive and applied fordetermination of drug in its formulations. Analytical parameters for determination of drugsGLM, AML and NTF by RP-HPLC at UV detector were as following ; mobile phasacetonitrile:water:ethanolsodiumphalate(60:20:20),cetonitrile:water:triethyamine(45:45:10),acetonitrile:buffer solution(30:70),flow rate (1.5,1.5,1.0) ml/minute, wave length(230,245,254) nm, retention time (8.169,6.771,4.413) minutes ,stationary phase C18 column,linear range 10-50, 2-10,5-25 μg/ml, limit of detection (2.8×10-5 ),(2.9×10-3),(9.3×10-3)μg/ml, standard deviation (0.054,1.8439,0.0625) and the percentage of recovery(100.06%,100.9%,100.8%) respectively.