Effect of Tannery Work Exposure on Seminal Fluid Parameters in Iraqi Men


Background:Tannery work share exposure to solvents and chemicals , which has been linked with inverse pregnancy and fertility outcomes in human being as reported in some studies .Objective:The current study aimed to through some light on the harmful pollutant chemicals effect on tannery workers reproductive health. Literature in this portion are rare in Iraq, so it had been tested the hypotheses that leather workers suffered from male infertility parameters due to the continuous exposure to chemicals that used in this industry.Subjects, Materials and Methods:This study included 60 subjects can divided into 2 groups: 30 males as study group and 30 males as control group, the period of study was between October 2014 to April 2016, the samples were taken from tanneries workers from various governorates of Iraq.Results:The data clearly showed a significant infertility parameters among these workers represented by low total sperm number, low sperm activity the significance levels were within the value of P ≤0.05 accompanied with a significant high seminal fructose.Conclusion:The main conclusion was that chronic exposure to these chemicals in tannery workers especially Cr VI and N,N-dimethyle form amide may cause male infertility parameters