Measurement Height of Mandible Body in Male and Female of Iraqi Sample Using Panoramic Radiograph


The maxillary and mandibular bones can reflect the status of all of the skeletal bones , any bone lose in the mandible is not due to local factors only such as previous extraction of teeth can be considered as the first sign of osteoporosis in the other skeletal bones and future bone fracture. To obtain statistical data on the alveolar bone height at different regions of the body of the mandible by panoramic radiograph in different age groups of Iraqi males and females. The study include the diagnostic panoramic radiograph of 40 images of randomly selected patients from males and females without sign and symptoms for any systemic diseases affecting the bone. There was a significant high difference between males and females in midline and mental foramen areas.Dentist should pay greater attention to older females patients because they are prone to rapid alveolar bone resorption.