The effect of supplementing Ginger powder in ration on productive performance of broiler Ross 308


This study was approved out to inspect the effects of adding Ginger powder in dietary supplement on broiler productive performance. Two hundred and forty chicks of commercial strain Ross 308 one day old were wielded in this rummage the chicks were separately balanced and haphazardly spread to 4 treatments. Each treatment included three replicates (20 chicks/replicate).The treatments were as follows : control G0 free of Ginger powder, G1 adding 2.5g /kg of Ginger powder to the diet, G2 adding 5g /kg of Ginger powder to the diet, G3 adding 7.5g /kg of Ginger powder to the diet. The results discovered that associated to control, there was no significantly a difference for chicks fed Ginger powder such as body weights, weight improvement, consumption of feed and feed alteration portion during the experimental period. This study indicated that the dietary levels of Ginger powder did not have any benefit effect on growth and the digestibility of most nutrients.