Histological study of esophagus in dogs and rabbits


The present study was addressed numerous of histological differentiations in esophageal glands between dogs and rabbits. Five dogs and five rabbits were taken for this study. All samples were collected from animal house of Veterinary Medicine college-Kerbala University. The microstructures of esophagus were examined by light microscope, the results showed that the esophageal glands were highly mucous and less number of serous gland in dog while, the esophagus in rabbits have pure mucous gland only. So, all of esophageal glands in dog located in submucosa region but in rabbits can be seen in sub mucosa and tunica muscularis. In dog, the distribution of esophageal glands were randomly, while in rabbits the oesophagus glands were scattering as clumps or grapes between them dense connective tissue regular while in dog, didn’t observed lobes and connective tissue unclear between glands. The ducting system in both of animals have some of characteristics different on each other.