Performance Assessment of LiBr-H2O Absorption Chiller for Air Conditioning Purposes


The thermodynamic analysis of a 4TR single stage absorption chiller is executed numerically using Engineering Equation Solver (EES) software. In this chiller, water and lithium bromide mixture is used as a working fluid and supplies by hot water from electrical boiler at any temperature. The investigation is done to assess the effect of varying the exit temperatures of the absorber, evaporator, generator, and condenser on the absorption chiller cycle performance. The cycle simulation is based on the operating temperature ranges and fixed parameters which include as follows: evaporating exit temperature within a range of 2-11 °C, generator exit temperature within a range of 80-89°C, condenser exit temperature range from 30 to 48°C, absorber exit temperature range from 20 to 38°C, three magnitudes of effectiveness of heat exchanger (0.6, 0.65 and 0.7), strong solution flow rate 0.05 kg/s. The results depicted that the performance parameters are affected by the operation temperatures of main components and heat exchanger effectiveness