The use of Nd:YAG laser in treatment of superficial vascular and pigmentary lesions


In this work, Nd:YAG laser with two wavelength (1064,532)nm was used in treating vascular (port wine stain, heamangioma ;and Telangiectase). Also Nd:YAG laser was used in tattoo treatment and the results achived is best than by using (KTP,PDL and Ar) laser. This process is occurs via absorption laser beam by skin layers, especially surface skin layer which is useful in the cosmetics surgical. There are different properties related with skin layer such as thermal diffusion and thermal relaxation time, the later is higher than the time of laser puls and this cause cooling to one –half without according thermal diffusion in normal (healthy) skin region.Nd:YAG laser can absorbed deeply and this observed when it used to remove the deep pigmentation, in compare with other laser types which absorbed only by the surface of skin layer because of low power , wavelength , frequencies and intensity in compare with Nd:YAG laser.