Study Effect of Alloxan in Diabetic – Induced Mice.


The current study aimed to investigate the effect of using alloxan in diabetic – induced mice. The study. included the utilization of (12) male albino mice Mus musculus , animals were divided into two groups , the first group considered as control were orally administrated with physiological distal water,while the second group included animals with diabetic which were induced by using alloxan with concentration (150) mg/Kg , ,Blood sugar level were estimated for all animals after three days then the animals were dissected after four day for the removal of pancreas gland, then it was fixed by fixative solutions after that a serial of histological sections preparations were conducted.It was clear from the morphological study that pancreas in Swiss albino mice is low diffusion type and it spread through the mesentery also it lies in the concave region of the duodenum, it has whit to yellow color and it is surrounded by a capsule of loose connective tissue which extends septa that divides the gland into many lobules indifferent shapes and sizes.Results of the present study revealed many histological alterations in both of the exocrine and the endocrine portions in the pancreas of mice treated with alloxan represented by hemorrhage among acinar cells , congestion inside blood vessels and vacuolation in margins of acini , also changes in cells nucleus and cytoplasm , and the increasing in the percentage of zymogen producing granules inside the acinar cells , as well as an increase in the connective tissue and adipose tissue gathering. Regarding the endocrine portion which is represented by Langerhans islets changes were degeneration of Langerhans cells , atrophy in their size and number and hemorrhage inside them.