Preparation and evaluation of the anti-bacterial Activity for some Formazans


In the present research, a series of Formazans derivatives 7a-j have been prepared bythe condensation of Schiff bases (4,5) and diazonium salt of substituted aromatic aminesHeterocycl, 6a-e. The intermediate Schiff bases (4,5), was itself synthesized by condensation of2-amino benzothiazole (1), with 4-nitro and dimethylamino benzaldehyde, (2,3). All the reactionwere routinely monitored and purity was determind on thin layer chromatography using coatedaluminum plates and spots were visualized by exposing the dry plates in iodine vapours.Thestructures of the compounds have been confirmed by , Mass spectroscopy 1H NMR, U.V, IRspectral data and melting points. The antibacterial activity of the compounds has also beenscreened.