Study of some physicochemical properties and bioactivity of gum extracted from Linum usitatissimum


Gum was extracted from linseed (Linum usitissimum) in north of Iraq, which it annual growth plant. Organoleptic characterization of: color, odor, taste, fracture and texture. Physico-chemical properties were determined: pH, bulk density, tapped density, bulkiness, swelling index, ash values, carr's index, Hausner's ratio and angle of repose. Thin Layer Chromatography paper was used to monitor the extracted saccharides by comparing the spots with the of the standards and flow rate Rf calculated. The FT-IR spectrum of the product showed an absorption bands at 3666.29 cm-1(–OH), 2966.76 cm-1(C-H), 2640.44 cm-1 (C=C), 1826.62 (C=O), 1420.04 (C-H bend). Anti-microbial activity evaluated of the gum and observed that gum does not any significant antibacterial activity such as cell wall destruction.