Chromosomal aberrations in the peripheral blood lymphocytes of Dental Radiographers who exposed to diagnostic X-ray in Erbil city / Iraqi Kurdistan region


Radiographic examination is one of the principal diagnostic methods used in all fields of medical and dental services. The incidence of chromosomal aberrations was evaluated in the peripheral blood lymphocytes of 50 individuals who worked in different dental colleges and clinics in Erbil City. This research was donning between March to September 2016. Blood samples were collected also from 20 individuals as control group, that were not exposed to any diagnostic radiations. An attempt was done to find the relationship between the frequency of chromosomal aberrations and smoking habit. The radiographers showed a significant increase of chromosomal aberrations as compared to control group at both probability level (P< 0.01, P< 0.05), but significant decreases in mitotic index were shown. The highest value of chromosomal aberrations was chromatid gap and lowest value of mitotic index were found both observed in dental radiographers who were smoker with duration of exposure for more than 10 yrs.