Linguistics in heritage


Linguistics in heritage Assist. Prof. phd. Ahlam M. hussainCentre of revival of Arabian science heritageBaghdad University ( Abstract )It is not necessary to that any speakers can speak more than a language but the are coming from many origins to concern linguistics search that had began with an introduction and explanation to them that the language is still as words dictionaries on it (a tool for the transfer of ideas). It is basically a tool of the movement. The meaning of the word is not explained in the dictionary or against which it is a change that is happening to pronounc in a particular case. Basic social value of the words are in getting people to work together effectively in alleviating social tension. It contains research on a group sketches، including determining the meaning of the language and effective contribution to a means or a foundation of understanding، then the search in linguistic theory، and touched on the basic function of language، and touched on the expression level and content of the language، as well as the subject of language being the queen of innate special human being، then language development through history، and an important subject on the innate ability in humans and the stages of language acquisition in children، as well as talk emerged، and the subject of communication and linguistic my bookmarks، also touched on the science of linguistics and physical movement .Finally, In conclusion، sources , margins and bottom line in the English language.