The realistic view according to Arabic narrative heritage


The realistic view according to Arabic narrative heritagePhd. Sabeeh M. Jaber Center of revival of Arabian science heritage Baghdad university(Abstract)A man find himself in front of narrative literal productions when he read the title of this paper that deals with specialist , followers of Arabic literal narration productions through the era of Arabic literature in a period arrived to 1500 years. It is strange to present (Narration art in Arabic heritage) , in addition to (Arabic diwan) . This matter introduces us to come back to the past to inspect Arabic narration production , specially that is called (Artistic narration ) which is full ,variety of purposes and goals. Al-Jahedh wrote a picture of description of miser and his behaviors, but what Alaa Abu Al-marie had written (forgiveness message) and (Al-Tawheddy , then Al-Hamathany and more others who make us ask why did not create kinds of literal written parallel to poetry in their importance. It seems that poetry is creative production which is suit with Arabic mood since many centuries, in addition to great poetry which had entered through the Arabic culture its creative this world make Arabic concerned with this side and leave others , but , what had found of literal kinds was the creative basics built in Arabic narration heritage . This is a way of Arab that is trying only without documented what they had said and without putting what did they say in theories or as to be curriculum or in artists school.