The Architecture and population planning of Baghdad city through the reign of ottoman Mohammad Rasheed Al-Kozalki


AbstractI've dealt with my research is marked by ((urban and population planning for the city of Baghdad, during the reign of the Ottoman governor Muhammad Rashid Alkozlki 1852-1857)), a set of facts and incidents historical with the physical and demographic dimension, which passed on the history of the city of Baghdad on the fifth of the nineteenth century the contract during the Ottoman control Iraq, which lasted almost nearly four centuries. This included our research four main points we tried through which to read and follow the Ottoman state policy and management in Baghdad Eyalet through urban developments and population of the city through a succession of Basha Mohamed Rachid Alkozlki his duties ruler of Iraq in 1852 has embarked on this study research in accordance with the following: The first axis included planning Urban to the city of Baghdad has any meaning (description Center Alayalh), while the second axis included the urban planning of the city of Baghdad by clarifying (limits Alayalh center), came third axis to explain urban planning for the city of Baghdad, relying on (the surface and atmosphere Alayalh), while the fourth axis and last it has included planning and population distribution community for the city of Baghdad from 1852 to 1857. The study relied on a mission range of sources, books, documentaries Arabic and translated along with a number of letters and Alatarh university as well as the scientific journals and periodicals benefit both of which were within the period laid historical research.The researcher reached at the end of his studies for a number of the results achieved after considering population growth, urbanization and community in Baghdad Eyalet during the rule of the governor Mohammad Rashid Pasha Alkozlki, as follows:• of the most important phenomena of Ottoman rule in Iraq was, the constant change of the governors of the Ottomans to Baghdad. It seems that the intent of the Ottoman Empire to change the governors of Baghdad goal, not to be able governor of the sure footing in Alayalh and be a source of threat to them.• The post of governor may like the largest and most important position in the government administrative apparatus in Baghdad Eyalet, an administrative and political position as a prominent represents the Government of the Ottoman power in Aloaalh.• foundations governor Mohamed Rachid Alkozlki Board of Directors Alayalh what is known as (grand council), which consists of a number of members, of whom some senior staff Alayalh, some Jhaiha Since that time, the Council began to contribute to the treatment of government management problems.• The period between the years 1852 and 1857 era distinct from the Ottoman period in Baghdad Eyalet. As could the governor Mohammad Rashid Alkozlki direct control over all areas Alayalh after the re-direct rule and to prove to them and staff of the authority of the government to eliminate the local leaders that were some of the districts and areas of the control of Baghdad.• Urban and population movement to the city of Baghdad, taken during the reign of the Ottoman governor Muhammad Rashid Alkozlki walks several trends showed the e-services and the telegraph and developed as well as lightning services and flourished education, printing and Avcant many schools and educational institutions in collaboration with the Catholic Church in Baghdad, along with attached religious schools Paljoama and houses of worship.• set up the governor Mohammad Alkozlki Almhirih province or Mataraf today Waziriya district of Rusafa, construction Alharonih River also opened tortured River from the point of desert island being mouth water near Baghdad that is grown on the banks of the river mulberry trees for silkworm breeding and knew this river to river confidentiality.• enable the governor Mohammad Rashid Pasha from knowing the nature of the Iraqis and their preferences and desires and then treat the situation wisely and sometimes the intensity at other times, and expanded construction projects, rebounded country on his hand in various fields and continued this activity for the duration of his reign in Baghdad, as well as providing for the treasury of the Ottoman lot of money and was able to what drives the accumulation of Treasury debt and the payment of military and civilian citizens overdue salaries, as reformed tax system and customs fees .