The Concept of Combination in Ceramics between heritage and contemporary


Interested in current research examining the concept of synthesis in contemporary ceramics, he studied the synthesis as a concept to achieve technical and aesthetic innovation.The study comes in four axes. The first axis to ensure the general framework for research, containing the problem, which is to ask the following: Is the concept of synthesis role in enriching the contemporary ceramic done? The importance of research and study are needed in addition provide knowledge in the field of contemporary art, especially the concept of synthesis contemporary ceramic done. The aim of the research included identifying the concept of synthesis and its impact on the ceramic done. The study examined the time period between) (1945_2011) for guidance in the development of the concept of synthesis in contemporary and spatially porcelain The research porcelain global product, also known researcher terminology contained in the search. The second axis included the theoretical framework of the research it contains three sections deal with the first part, including the concept of synthesis and the second historical references to the concept of synthesis in the arts of ancient civilizations in the third section contained employ the concept of synthesis of modern and contemporary art trends. The third axis has included research procedures were selected (3 samples) and analyzed, within the descriptive and analytical approach. As devoted fourth axis to view the results and conclusions as well as recommendations, proposals and indexed research sources.