The Effect of Talking Chips Technique on Iraq EFL Students' Achievement in Speaking Skill


Speaking is the most important skill in foreign language and it seems to be neglected. Therefore, a lot of students have faced difficulties in how to make communication inside the class. Specially, for Iraqi speakers, speaking tends to be more complicated than the acquisition of other skills, such as reading or writing, since the former is quite difficult to practice when the student does not live in an English speaking country. For this reason, this study deals with new technique to develop the students' abilities in order to develop this skill and show why it is important to be developed and the difficulties the learners have. This study aims at investigating the effectiveness of using talking chips technique on developing speaking skill of third stage in Misan University / College of Education. To achieve the aim of the study, the researcher adopted one experimental design on 24 October , 2016. The sample of the study consisted of (36) students and it is randomly chosen from College of Education. The researcher designed activity related to speaking topics. This activity is based on talking chips which is used in teaching the experimental group. An oral speaking test is designed and validated to be used as a pre and post test for the group. The data are analyzed statistically by using t-test formula to measure the difference between the achievement of the students in pre and that of the post test. The analysis of the results proved that there is a statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental group in the pre and that of the post test. In the light of these findings, the researcher suggested some recommendations that are hoped to help syllabus designers and English teachers in developing teaching speaking skill according to the conclusions of this study. The researcher has put forward some suggestions for further researches.