Evaluation the Effect of Residual Stress on Fracture of Polyethylene Pipe under Pressure Loading


In this paper, the Weibull uni-axial and multi-axialthe distribution function for polyethylene pipes under pressure loadingwere developed and analyzed taking account of residual stress.The tensile test was achieved to determine mechanical properties andthe Weibull parameters. An experimental method using the hole drilling strain-gage method was used to measure the residualstresses in PE pipe and compare with that obtained fromnumerical finite element method (FEM). The obtained resultsshow that there is a convergence between uni-axial and multi-axialdistribution function, but multi-axial distribution function givelarge values compared to the uni-axial distribution function. It wasobserved that the residual stresses have influence on failureassessment diagram and cause translation from elastic-plasticfailure to brittle failure.