Isolateand diagnosesome types ofbacteriafrompatients withurinary tractanddeterminetheir abilityto resistantibioticsLife


It included the current study to isolate and diagnose some types of bacteria that cause inflammation of the urinary tract urinary tract infection, where the disease is a most serious health problems facing large numbers of people each year, has included health research case study for (116) individuals of questionable contracting infection of the urinary tract and the auditors Huda girl to a hospital in Dhi Qar and samples were taken for Oammarmokhtlvh and both sexes the incidence of diagnosed during lactation examine microscopically and Zraeia and make samples for drug screening sensitivity. Diagnosed 38 samples belonging to the genus Escherichia coli and 30 sample belonging to the genus Staphylococcus and 13 sample back to the Streptococcus and 9 samples belonging to the genus Proteus and 9 samples belonging to the genus Klebsiella and 7 samples belonging to the genus Enterobacter and 6 sample back to Candida albicans and 4 sample back to the Aeromonas. The results ofthe current studyshowedthat the highestinfection ratein the age group(1-10years)andwerehigherin femalesthan males, reaching 48.3% in females, while maleinjuryrate was43.5%with the lowestinjuryrate wasin the age group(61-70) a year andthe proportion offemaleinjurywhile3.3%did not recordthe injuryin malesin this age group. Drugsensitivityassaywas conductedonbacterialsamplesdiagnosedusingLifeantibioticsshowedbacteriaE.coliandStaphylococcusbacteriahighest-resistant strains whileAeromonasCandida albicansandshowedlessresistanceratio.