Checklists of Acanthocephalans of Freshwater and Marine Fishes of Basrah Province, Iraq


Reviewing the literature on all the acanthocephalans parasitizing freshwater and marine fishes of Basrah province, Iraq indicated the presence of 14 acanthocephalan taxa. Seven taxa belong to the class Eoacanthocephala and seven to the class Palaeacanthocephala. All these acanthocephalans, except Serrasentis spp. are adults living in the intestine of their fish hosts. Five species of such acanthocephalans were recorded from freshwater localities, seven from marine localities and two taxa from both freshwater and marine localities. The total number of acanthocephalan species recorded for each fish host species fluctuated from a minimum of one acanthocephalan species in 18 fish hosts to a maximum of six acanthocephalan species in Liza abu only. Number of fish hosts reported for these acanthocephalans fluctuated from one host in case of seven species to a maximum of 21 hosts in case of Neoechinorhynchus iraqensis.