(Educational methods in al-ahqaf)


The research aims to identify educational methods by the Holy Quran in Al Ahqaf to assist in the upgrading of education in the Arab and Islamic society.For the purpose of access to the goal of search adopted two researchers descriptive approach Descriptive analytical work to reach a variety of educational methods derived from the Sura of a number of its verses ( 35 ) any relying on the method of analysis of the content.One of the most important results of the findings of the study is the diversity of educational methods received across the sura, the most important of persuasion, the method of reward and punishment, and the method of the story.In the light of the results accumulated recommended a number of recommendations and proposals, including:1.We must take from the Koran mainly springboard to raise the educational level in the Arab and Islamic societies and to solve the problems of education.. Should the delicate balance between the use of educational methods.2. A similar study in other wall from the Koran.3 4.Conduct a study to identify the most prominent educational problems suffered by the Arab and Islamic society.