The psychological security of university students and its relation to some variables


Targeted current research to identify the psychological levels of security at Tikrit University students, and differences of significant moral in psychological security depending on variables (sex and specialization), formed the research sample of 120 male and female college students (60 students) of them scientific specialization and ( 60) students of humanitarian specialization, either search tool, the researcher has built a psychological security measure, and using statistical methods (Chi-square, and Pearson correlation coefficient, test Altaia for one sample and two independent samples), showed the results follows:- The weakness of psychological security at Tikrit University students, the result of many factors still exist in the Iraqi society.- The lack of meaningful significant differences according to gender (males - females) because university students of both sexes face the same environmental conditions.- And there is a significant significant differences depending on the specialization variable (scientific -ansan) for the benefit of students of scientific specialization, because students scientific specialization have difficulty in school materials to the lack of school supplies such as laboratories and lack of services