Parental obedience to divorce


The right of parents to the greatest rights after the right of God and the right of His Messenger peace be upon him, and righteousness and charityTo them, and to obey them, and to cut down the wing for them, and to offer them to the soul, parents and childrenMena is not excluded.And reconciling to righteousness by them and serving them from the greatest of what Allaah has done to man and his consent to him,And the hearts of the hearts of the best of love, and the parents of the two generous benefactorsAll charity to the human, they are the reason for existence after the nihilism, namely, forgetfulness and happiness and the desire to live,But all the grace in which their good deeds and blessings are blessed.Therefore, thanking the parents for what gave the child of good follows the thanks of God, he said.) Exalted: ڇ ڇ ڌ ڌ ڌ ڎ ڎ)) 1The Muslim is fully aware of the meaning of the verses that are followed in the right of parentsThe high rank that God raised to her parents, making them follow the order of faith in God and slavery to him.And followed the verses of the Holy Book bearing the satisfaction of parents after the pleasure of God Almighty,And makes good to them and righteousness with them the head of virtues