The Religious Titles of Achaemenian Kings ( AN Analytical and Comparative Study)


' Religious titles' of kings in the ancient near east countries is one of the topics that shed light on one important aspect of Culture , namely Religion . One can realizes the kings' commitment to religion or creed through studying these titles ; whether these were used out of faith in gods and love of temples , or they carried these titles in order to add legitimacy and sacredness to their rule through their allegation , that they gained the approval of gods . Accordingly , the most important titles adopted by the Achaemenian kings will be studied , particularly those found in the Achaemeniand Royal inscriptions and other texts (Religious and Economic texts ) compared with other religious titles of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt kings To be noted . both Mesopotamia ( 539 – 331 B.C ) and Ancient Egypt ( 525 - 405 B.C ) were dominated by the Achaemenian rule.