Effect of Some Medicines on Caries of Deciduous Teeth


Background Dental caries in addition known as tooth decay is a breakdown of teeth due to actions of bacteria. The cavities may be a number of dissimilar colors from yellow to black. Symptoms may contain pain and diffculty with eating. Aims To determine the direct effect of the oral medicines which were used for long time by children on the teeth. To reduce the negative effect of these drugs. Material and Methodsthe study used medications that are prescribed for children for long time that administrated only orally to determine the direct effect of these drugs. The study sample included lower deciduous molars, which were obtained from children who required extraction of their mobile molars after taking the agreement of parents. Sample size was (50) freshly extracted, caries-free lower molar of patients aged 10-12 years old. Teeth were divided into fve groups with 10 samples in each group, natural saliva was collected from a number of children and was added to the solution to simulate the oral cavity. The incubation period was 32 days then sectioning the samples and measure the lesion depth by polarized microscope. Results Verapamil produced maximum lesion depth in enamel while Dexamethasone was associated with minimum lesion depth. Conclusion it is obvious that all test medications affect the enamel of tooth by different degree.