Design a Hybrid Cryptosystem Based Chaos and Sharing for Digital Audio


With the growth rate of wireless communication with internet andmultimedia. The wireless network has expanded their applications in our life.Cryptography and steganography play important role within data security. Thispaper chiefly produces a novel hybrid cryptography and steganography fordigital audio base chaos system and secret sharing scheme algorithm. Thesealgorithms have multilevel of processing with the digital audio to increase thelevel of security. In this algorithm, digital audio was encrypted with a novelencryption method based Lorenz chaos map. Then, divide the encrypted audioto N encrypted audio based on secret sharing scheme. Finally, hiding Nencrypted audio in N cover images with chaos system process. The result showsthat the algorithm for audio encryption have a high degree of confidence, largekey space reached more than 2672 possible of a key, key sensitivity, and highquality of recovered digital audio. Chaos system and secret sharing processwith multi-cover images offers additional space, security for the secret audiomessage, and quality for cover images. The power signal to noise ratio of coverimages reached to 57db with embedding 334 KB of secret audio with four coverimages.