Phosphate rocks are the commercial source used as raw material for manufacturing phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizers and certain other chemicals. Phosphate rocks can be used directly in some applications, whereas beneficiation is required to upgrade the ore to more than 29% of P2O5 when used as a raw material for the production of fertilizers, phosphoric acid and many other phosphate compounds. Phosphatic fertilizers are the most important end-product of phosphoric acid. Production of phosphoric acid is the first step in the manufacture of many phosphatic fertilizers. Phosphoric acid and phosphate compounds can be used directly in chemical industries or as a key ingredient in the production of many other chemicals required in detergents, animal feed, food, beverages, surface treatment (metal cleaning, coating), water treatment, dentistry, tooth pastes, fire extinguishers amongst many others. High purity phosphate compounds are also used in food and pharmaceutical production. Phosphorus as an element and some other phosphoric chemicals derived from phosphate rocks are used in pesticides, matches, fireworks and also in many military applications.