Numerical and Experimental Study of the Indoor Environmental Conditions of a Large Athletic hall (Wrestling hall) using Ansys 15


This study investigates numerically and experimentally the environmental conditionsprevailing in a large mechanically ventilated athletic hall, with the aid of the computationalfluid dynamics by ANSYS 15 program. The indoor space of the building was simulated in theANSYS 15 program environment and the model results were validated against experimentaldata collected during a 7-day campaign in the hall. The measurements included airflowcharacteristics at different locations of the indoor space, as well as surface temperatures of theindoor materials. Having obtained good agreement between experimental and numericalresults, different scenarios were applied in the model to investigate the environmentalconditions prevailing in the hall under different ventilation and occupational conditions. Theseregard air-conditioning and cooling modes, as well as empty and full hall during an athleticevent. The velocity, temperature and relative humidity were studied and results revealeddynamic behavior of the fields, significantly altering with the different considered cases.