Commonest Skin Infections in Two Dermatology Outpatient Clinics in Baghdad City


Background: Skin diseases are among the most frequent causes of morbidity in developing countries, showing high prevalence in the general population and being the sixth most frequent cause of outpatient visits to health facilities.Objective: To assess the occurrence of different types of infectious skin diseases among a sample from dermatology outpatients’ clinics.Methods: This descriptive cross sectional study was conducted in the dermatology outpatient clinics of the two main teaching hospitals in Baghdad city (Al-Yermouk and Baghdad Teaching Hospital) during the period from January through April 2012 using a consecutive non probability sampling technique by pooling all the patients attending the dermatology outpatient clinic in both hospitals on daily basis during the four month period of the study.Results: The most prevalent type of skin infections in the sample was viral (40.1%) followed by bacterial (21.6%), and the least was parasitic infections (17.5%) Males were affected approximately double than females especially in respect to viral and parasitic infections. The highest age group affected was 16-30 years, followed by those less than 15 years, the least affected were those above 60 years. In almost all age groups the most prevalent infection was viral infection.Conclusion: Viral infections are the commonest skin infections, warty lesions are the main subtype of viral infections and the commonest of all skin infections.