Comparison of Colorectal Cancer in Patients Below and above 40 Years


Background: Colorectal cancer is a common disease in old patients, but it has become increasingly evident in young patients.Objective: To compare the colorectal carcinoma, between young and old patients.Patients and Methods: a prospective study of 87 patients with colorectal cancer treated in the department of surgery at Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital, From Jan.2007-Jan.2012. The patients were divided according to age into group A; below 40years, and group B; above 40years. These two groups were compared regarding; clinical presentations, pathological features of the tumor, staging of the tumor, and sex.Results: Twenty three patients (26.44%) in group A; their age ranging from 12 to 40 years, with male to female ratio was 1.3:1 the commonest affected age group was 31-40 years old, positive family history was significantly higher than that in group B (39%), the commonest presenting features were altered bowel habits (87%) and abdominal pain (65%), left side colonic tumors were more common than right side tumors, Moderately differentiated tumors were constitute 52% and60.8% were stage C2, there was no significant difference between the two groups.Conclusion: there was an increasing incidence of colorectal cancer in young patients. Family history was a risk factor for group A patients. Diagnosis was usually delayed and this needs more attention because of the lack of alarming symptoms