Performance Study of Moldboard Plow with Two Types of Disc Harrows and Their Effect on Some Soil Properties Under Different Operating Conditions


A field experiment was conducted in two different locations at Agricultural Research Station of Garmat Ali in Basrah-Iraq. The aim of this investigation is to evaluate the effective field capacity, field efficiency, draft force, pulverization index (PI), soil bulk density and soil porosity for moldboard plow (primary tillage), mounted disk harrow and offset disk harrow (secondary tillage) under different operating speed (2.54 (S1), 3.84 (S2) and 5.77 (S3) km hr-1) in two different soil textures (silty loam soil and clay soil). The design of the experiment was complete randomized blocks design in factorial experiment. The results showed that the moldboard plow had high values of draft force, pulverization index (PI) and soil porosity and lower soil bulk density, effective field capacity and field efficiency than that of mounted disk harrow and offset disk harrow in both soils. The operating speed and the interaction between operating speed and implements tillage type had significantly affect (p < 0.05) on all the studied parameters. The silty loam soil achieved higher effective field capacity, field efficiency, soil porosity (low bulk density) and considerable pulverization of soil clods than that of clay soil. The results also showed that the optimal operation conditions of implements tillage were associated with high operating speed of 5.77 km hr-1 in silty loam soil especially with using the disks harrow.