Relationship between Transforming Growth Factor-Beta 1 gene polymorphism and hypertension


This study intends to evaluate the association between Transforming Growth Factor - Beta1(TGF-β1) SNP codon 25 and hypertension in holy Kerbala city, Iraq. A case control studyfor one hundred and four subjects. Seventy four hypertensive patients (23 male and 51female), already diagnosed with essential hypertension, and 30 control subjects (16 maleand 14 female). The links between genotype and hypertension were examined then possibleSNP related variances in the blood pressure were checked. The present study suggested thatthere is no significant association between transforming growth factor beta one (TGF-β1)and hypertension in its Iraqi population sample. However, there is a significant associationbetween Arginine (Arg25) and hypertension compared with control group clearly shown inthe male gender (p < 0.05). In this study, the associations between the SNP of TGF-β1codon 25 and hypertension was not significant while the SNP showed genotype-relateddifferences in gene allele (Arg25).