Study the effectiveness of the volatile oils of Pimipinlla anisum, Thymus vulgaris and Saliva officinalis an antidote Pediculosis humanus


Most of the volatile oils found in medicinal plants have important biological activities likeantibacterial, antifungal and antiparasite. The main of this study is to investigate the killingeffect of the volatile oils found in Thymus vulgaris, Salvia officinalis and Pimipinilla anisumon the some parasites and insects like Pediiculosis humanus that infect migrants lived inKarbla city. The oils under investigation were used separately and in mixed formula.Preparation of cream containing these three oils was also investigated. Control sample wasused to evaluate the results. The results showed a highly positive killing effect of both the oilused separately and in the cream form. Statistical data revealed a significant differences fortreated samples of mixed oils and the cream form (100%) at 48 hr, while no significantdifferences noticed with samples of both Pimipinilla anisum and Thymus vulgaris