Social aspects in the councils of the Burji Mamluk sultans in Egypt (784-923 A.H / 1382-1517 A.D)


This research deals with an important aspect of the history of the Burji Mamluks in Egypt,which the time period between the years (784-923 A.H / 1382-1517 A.D), which relate to aspects of the social life of the ruling class in Egypt in that era, which emerged through their councils were held in different social occasions, have transgressed them huge amounts of money, as they lived the case of luxury and extravagance and love of life and indulge in the pleasures, and they gave a great deal of interest, so the study was to elucidate the disappeared of the features of these councils, as well as detection revealed the circumstances in which the sultans lived in palaces. Despite the existence of previous studies on the social life of the Burji Mamluk state tower, but these studies have not been exposed to minute details about the life of the sultans and their councils which were held in different social occasions, to our knowledge, so we believe that this study will be a new addition added to these studies and complement her . We have addressed in this research social aspects summoned to hold her sultans councils, including councils, which were held to celebrate some religious occasions as Islamic new year,and the month of Ramadan, the Prophet's birthday, as well as the celebration of a Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, and then eat Search councils which were held in the official state occasions as opening some facilities and buildings such as schools and mosques, palaces and other, and victory celebrations, and the healing of the Sultan of the disease, and the boards of the sultans own, which was characterized by luxury and manifestations of wealth and extravagance, which is the marriage ceremony, and the celebration of the newborn, circumcision, and then came the search for the highlights on the boards amusement erected in palaces and parks, and it was during the reigns of cruel, pornography and promiscuity, which are common in the lives of some of the sultans such as councils of singing and music, and councils for drinking, and boards erected as a means of entertainment as a practice some games or watch them.