Rulings of disability in Islamic jurisprudence Hajj is a model


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, who has the kingdom of heaven and earth in His hand. He has the King and his Praise, and He is above all things as a martyr. He does whatever he pleases and rules what He wants. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone. Prophet Muhammad and his Messenger, the Prophet of Mercy and the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, and their Imam - peace be upon him - on his family and said and those who followed them with charity to the Day of Judgment.After:The scholars of Islam have made an effort to establish the foundations of the science of jurisprudence, where they have authored great works, and they have written valuable books, and Allaah has made them a source of guidance for those who are guided and guided by those who walk. God has guided these blessed books in our time, In these words, the Science of Art of the Statues of the Statutes of the Status of the Status, the molecules concerned with the subject of disability and hardship, and replaced it with what is possible and possible, it became necessary to know what is the alternative when the Muslim is distracted from what he is charged with .And one of the most important reasons that called for research in this subject is the frequent occurrence among Muslims and raise the embarrassment of them in the provisions that are expected to impose embarrassment on them, and the reasons also the absence of an independent study includes this subject, although the most important topics of jurisprudence being slaves.The research plan was lost from an introduction, two papers, and a conclusion. Either the introduction lost an optional search, my research methodology, the problems I encountered in my research career, the purpose of this research, its importance, and the research plan.The first topic: I mentioned the definition of the wage language and terminology, and there are two demands, the first requirement: the definition of disability language, the second requirement: the definition of disability convention.The second question is: the inability to complete the pillars of Hajj (the siege), the third issue: the inability to perform Hajj, and the second one: I AM I AM.