A Proposed Model for the Mutual Dependency Between QoE and QoS in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks


Streaming of video over wireless heterogeneous networks coping with the problem of packet loss which affects the perceived video quality. The service providers usually use the Peak Signal to Noise Ratio PSNR as a metric measure for the quality of their provided service. So they use the quality of service QoS of the network as a sign on the quality of their presented service. The QoS deal with the objective tests of the provided service, which mean the measure of PSNR of the presented objects. The presented objects may not get the satisfaction of the network users due to many factors although that the PSNR of the used service is enough for presenting the service. Recently the service providers use the Quality of Experience QoE term which deal with the subjective test of the presented object (i.e. the user satisfaction measure). In this paper we propose a new model to identify the importance or the significance of the role of the QoE assessment for the service providers. To verify our proposed model we did a referendum for 55 participants in order to assess their judgment on the quality of some presented videos. The results of the referendum match the consideration of the proposed model.


QoS, QoE.