Enzymes and phytochemical screening of endophytic fungi isolated from Eucalyptus Camaldulensis


The present study aimed to study and evaluate the efficiency of endophytic fungi isolated from eucalyptus leaves in the production of a number of enzymes outside the cell , in addition to that has been the study of the chemical properties of the extracts of fungal isolates. The results showed the endophytic fungi Penicillium sp. A. niger, A.flavus, , Alternaria sp. , Cladosporium sp. isolated from eucalyptus leaves that were all effective on the enzyme amylase, but to varying degrees, the diameter of transparent halo around A. niger fungal colony highly effective as it ranged Distance 60 mm , followed by isolation of fungus Cladosporium sp., Where diameter of transparent halo 32 mm, while the rest of the isolates A. flavus,. Penicillium sp and Alternaria sp. Van were all effective as diameter was transparent halo 30, 25 and 22 mm respectively . The fungal species showed high effectiveness in the production of the enzyme protease, after diameter account colony found that the isolates of A. flavus, A. niger and Penicillium sp. its portability high on the production of this enzyme ranging diameter colony 67.55 and 43 mm respectively, while isolates Alternaria sp. And. Cladosporium sp. was the other is capable of secretion of this enzyme, but less efficiently ranging colony diameter 27 and 25 mm, respectively. While the results showed the inability of the endophytic fungi to produce the enzyme in laccase .