Comparable LD50 of Ricinus communis extract by different routes of administration in rabbits


In this study dried clean seeds of castor oil were used to obtain deafening cake which dried, obtain whitish-beige, fine powder (extract- I), this extract was submitted to addition process by mixing with water, mixed thoroughly by electric blender till homogenization then filtered and obtain more clean powder (extract II). The powder of extract I and extract II was dissolved in water and used in the experiment. The results of this study showed that; LD50 of oral administration of extract I was 352.58 mg. while LD50 of intraperitoneal, or intramuscular injections of extract I was 6.11 mg. Meanwhile LD50 of intraperitoneal, or intramuscular injections of extract II was 3.11 mg. Occurrence of death was within 10-24 hr post exposure in case of I.P. and I.M. injection, while in oral exposure two animals were died within 24 - 72hr. The remaining were died within 24 hr. The main signs monitored on exposed animal that died were depression, loss of appetite, comatose for 30-60 minutes, then die. Post mortem findings nearly all internal organs, liver, heart, lungs, kidney, brain, and digestive system showed signs of poisoning mainly congestion. In conclusion, there was no difference between I.P and I.M. administration of both extract I and II. The LD50 of extract II was half of that of extract I. which means that extract II was more purified