The concentrations of radon in the marine sediments of Ra's Al-Besha, Northern west of the Arabian Gulf.


Pollution is the common problem in the biosphere and the pollution in the marine habitat was noticed more in the present scenario. There are two ways for the pollution marine habitats. They are Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and Artificially Radionuclides (TENORM). Methods used to estimate the concentration of radionuclides are passive (can technique) which use CR-39 and active with different ways. The passive and active methods are different in the exposure time for detectors. The study area Ra's Al-Beshais lie in the northern west of the Arabian Gulf. The obtained average value of radon concentration with arithmetic mean value of 400.7±198 Bq m-3 by the passive method. The mass exhalation rate in sediment samples under study with average value 0.1617 This value was acceptable worldwide and safe to use.