Measurement of indoor radon levels and assessment of radiological hazards at Al-Tuwaitha nuclear site and the surrounding areas


In the present study the radon concentration was measured in indoor places by the RAD7 (radon detector) was in some locations at Al-Tuwaitha nuclear site and some surrounding areas for the duration from 13/10/2016 to 2/1/2017 and the measurement of the indoor radon concentration ranged from (4.96±4.4 to 102±25) Bq/m3. The high value of radon has been found at decommissioning directorate /emergency room, which is lower than the action value recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is (148 Bq/m3) while the lowest value has been founded in central laboratories directorate models room. These values were used to calculate the annual effective dose and the health risks for cells bronchial which caused by the inhalation of radon. The values of the annual effective doses were calculated and ranged from (0.1249 to 2.5704) mSv/y these results are lower than the value of (10 mSv/y) recommended by the International Commission Radiological on Protection (ICRP). The results from this study shows that the region has background radioactivity levels within the natural limits.