Estimation of some trace element and antioxidant activity in people exposed to heavy metals from different sources of exposure


The human is exposed to a large amount of chemicals during his live, either by applied chemical in agricultural soils likes fertilizers and pesticides, or in industrial field, these applications will cause increasing in the heavy metals level. This study estimated blood concentration of essential elements and heavy metals Se, Zn, Cu, Al, Cu, Cd, Co, MO, Mn, Mg, Pb, Se, Ni, Cr, Hg and (GPx), (TBARS) as antioxidant activities markers, in four groups of workers exposed to different sources of heavy metals. The highest ratios for Hg, Cr, Cu, Mg, Fe and Zn were found in group C (workers in pesticides), the highest ratio for Al and Mo were in group A (workers in fuel station), while the highest ratio of Pb were in group B (workers in liquid battery workshops), the highest ratio for Co, Mn, As and Se were in group D (farmers using chemical fertilizers) . The heavy metals Zn, Pb, Co, Cd and Ni have significant differences for all groups as compare with control. GPx level have lower significant differences in group B. The highest ratio for TBARS were found in group A. as attempt to found correlation between disease and heavy metals in these groups of workers ,we found few number of workers have different type of cancer for each group, workers which have cancer aged over 45 year and practice their work since over 10 years. Cancers distribution among all four groups were varied, and correlated with type of exposed heavy metals, mainly with the type of their works