The effect of omega-3 in reducing the toxicity of lambda cyhalothrin on hepatorenal parameters of male rats


this research was aimed to asses the effect of omega-3 against lambda cyhalothrin (LCT) on some biochemical parameters of rats. The experiment was done on 18 male albino rats in Kerbala University /animal house of Pharmacy College for two months ,and the research was done with the agreement of the animal ethical committe in the college. The rats were divided into three groups, control group represented healthy animals, Lambda cyhalothrin group was drenched orally with 10mg/kg/day of this pesticide and the last one was drenched orally with 20mg/kg/ day of omega-3+ 10 mg/Kg/day of LCT. The samples of blood were collected for laboratory analysis and the liver and kidney tissues were excised for histopathological examination.The results showed a significant elevation in (AST , ALT ,Bilirubin and ALP)levels ,as well as parameters such as (urea, and creatinen) in both second and third group in comparing with healthy group. histopathological examination of liver and kidney in animals drenched with LCT showed significant hepatocyte necrosis while in rats intoxicated with( LCT+omega-3) showed significant healing. so this research showed the protective effect of omega-3 in reducing the toxic effects of cyhalothrin pesticide.