تأملات بيانية في سورة ص


Thank Allah the god of all the world and the prayer with peace upon the last prophet and messengers Mohmmad and upon his family and all of his followers. After that: The most nearest you Allah glorify it's his moral miracle book that not had any falsehood in his hand and not behind him. It's the holy Qura'an from Al-Hameed Hakeem… and from this affair I put my care its research in the content of the parts in Al-Qura'an Al-Qareem and the miracle in his rhetorical. And when I selected Surah (Saad) I found her full like other suars rich of her pictures, simile, borrowing, epithet and allegories. That no one able to make it and know his secrets and lights and one of human and I found less of examples in simile and borrowing and more examples in epithet and allegory. And although I had less resources that and also I am far away from the libraries but I able to collect the parts of the subject after tiring and hard for found one resource especially the basic important rhetorical in the research and I divided the research for five chapters: First chapter: simile, second chapter epithet, third chapter borrowing, four chapter: allegory and the conclusion and the list of resources and reviewers, and my process in the research as follow:1- I limited in my research in Surah (Saad) until I can find the important faces in the rhetorical Qura'an miracle and I focused in the chapters of attestation sciences.2- I increased the witness of the epithet and allegory, and I less in the simile and borrowings.3- I explained the summary for the chapters that I studied and get out her faces from surat (Saad) and it's simile, epithet, borrowing and allegory, and a least summary definition for each one of the chapter's language and usage so the reader able to connect between the rhetorical face and the parts in Qura'an .4- There are efforts of the researcher get out the parts of Qura'an in the rhetorical face and state the opinions of warranted in her meaning and also give the examples to state that.5- There are a lot of analysis and invention rhetorical attestation in the parts of Qura'an (Ayaat) so it's full of analysis and invention by the sciences and in the end I asked God to make this work be sincere for his face and when it was right so that from God with his bless and when it's not that from me and I apologies for God and in the last thank for Allah.