The Change Status of International Strategy: The Comprehensive American Strategy as a Model


Keeping an eye at the change movement for those who are pursuing the pace of international politics, especially the strategic academics and thinkers, is undoubtedly the first task for understanding for the world is undergoing changes that lead to some kind of alterations. As change is the feature of all ages by means of which great results happened. As change depends on a set of historical, geographical, economic, technological and other variables that detect its pace and defect materializing the capacity of investing the power of all levels. It is illustrating the relationship of the status of change in great powers’ strategy. If we have a closer look at the political history for international system, we will find that there are constants outlining the process of change throughout the rising of international powers and the degeneration of other powers. In a way that, sorted off great powers having the ability to employ their comprehensive strength and to figure out new international strategies along with the facts of change and its investment such as the Russian, European, Chinese and Japanese strategy. When we read American strategic thought from the end of the Second World War to nowadays, we will find that this thought is characterized by awareness and a comprehensive view in terms of goals and interests. In a way that drives the United States to adopt a comprehensive strategic thinking approach to ensure its global position especially upon witnessing the change realities of global system and the emergence of its power with its new regional assemblies and strategic alliances.