Synthesis and Characterization of Indazol-3-one and Thioxo Pyrimidines Derivatives from Mono and Twin Chalcones


This work involved synthesis and characterization of new mono and twin fused pyrazolone(indazol-3-one) (IV)a-d and thioxo pyrimidine (III)a-d derivatives from Chalcones (mono(I)a,b and twin(I)c,d ) The synthesis of mono chalcones (I)a,b includes the reaction of (p-methoxy or p- methyl) benzaldehyde with 4-amino acetophenone while the twin acetophenone with p- methoxy benzaldehyde to produce twin chalcones (I)c,d , then converted it by Robinson annulations reaction to form the corresponding derivatives (II)a-d afterward reflux the cyclohexenones with hydrazine and some drops of GAA lead to form indazole derivatives (IV)a-d . Pyrimidines were synthesized via the reaction of chalcones with thiourea in NaOH and 80% ethanol. All these compounds are characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy and some of them by 1HNMR spectroscopy