The Reflection of the Female Voice in some literary works of (Savyon Liebrecht and Lea Aini)


This study aims to delve into the literary works written demolished by feminist, manifested through an issue of controversy, which is the position of women in society, as well as raised many political issues, religious, social, and through texts that women Israeli was able to reveal disclose including beats and spins in the same of ideas about these issues highlights the bold fact unhappy where you live insurgency.This study examins to assert that the Israeli women adipate place and time of their own and thought in Israeli literature, indicates where space and time to the basic dimensions of discrimination feminist writing in order to emphasize the feminine feminist narrative property. As well as detection methods literary Israeli writer used in her writing, and to achieve these goals, the study offered to seven short stories of two battalions Israeli air strikes two and two (Savyon Liebrecht and Leah ENI), the researcher tried to very the selected works to draw this diversity of choice for the detection of problems and obstacles and concerns facing women in Israeli society .