The German orientalist Julius Flahausen and his novels about the Islamic economy in the Umayyad period (a study in the reality of the presentation of novels and the problem of interpretation)


The current study handles one of the most prominent figure of Germany Orientation School ( Julius Filhawzin)( 1260-1327 AH /1844-1918 AD) and his novels about the Islamic economy in the Umayyad Era . The significance of the research lies in the critical and scientific value for this orientalist who specialized into the religious matters. This importance gets increased when the orientalist delved deeply into the financial and economic matters concerning over the Islamic religion ; besides , he handled many critical opinions about the Financial policy of Caliphates along with their economic policy. Moreover , Julius Filhawzin attributed the deterioration of the Umayyad State to the mistaken financial policy adhered by caliphates of Bini Umayyad. We have concluded in this current study that the opinions of Julius were a critical attempt for the state conditions and we have preserved some opinions that being mentioned within this research , where Julius has claimed that the wars of liberation and victories were only of economic impression as to get booties. As we see that most of opinions about him mentioned in the Islamic references and he interpreted a number of tales in unreal method.