The morphology of the village in the countryside of Abbasiyah Abu Gharb village is a model


Morphology of the village in the countryside of Abo Gharb modelGeography of rural settlement is on of types of human geography , Which emerged in the second half of the twentieth century , As for the morphology of the village , it is one of the most important topics that study the subject of rural settlement , Because it is studying some of the important elements in the village , such as the village plan , land use and the type of rural housing .As for the study area , it is the village of Abo Gharb , which is one of the most important villages of the Abbasid district as one of the three agricultural areas of kufa and is the back of the agricultural city of kufa , including the field crops.The study examined three axes. The first axes came with the plan of the village . The second dealt with the fabric of the village and its dwellings . The third axis examined the uses of rural land inside the village .The study concludes with a number of conclusions, in order to overcome the difficulties faced by the researcher in the lack of resources around the village.