Dominance of sexual authority in Pinter's The Homecoming


The study aims at pointing out how the only female character in the play Ruth, who came from America to live with her husband's London family gained a dominant position in the family. She could change the entire patriarchal structure of the family via dislocating the father Max from his own place. All male characters except Sam are in a heterosexual struggle. They seek to satiate their unruly sexual desires using several ways to do so. This infirmity paves the way to Ruth to excite these desires by certain physical and oral behaviors. Moreover, she is being sexually desired and not desiring sex. She uses her shrewdness in yielding the male characters. In fact, what maintained Ruth's sexual dominance is the wild sex drives that all males have, and then to fulfill these drives they should offer some concessions, which enable Ruth to ascend and enjoy the central position inside the family. Key words: heterosexuality, sexual drives, sex premonition, dominance